Founders Proud Baby muslin swaddles 

The idea for Proud Baby began over 10 years ago when founders Leslie and Jill met while working in design in London. Leslie, an American married to an Australian, had her first two sons in London. With each parent proud of their homeland, and with so many other expats in London, an idea was sparked to design a range of muslin swaddles that would be both meaningful and personal, and that celebrated the roots of a family.
Fast forward 5 years, Leslie is pregnant with her third baby and Jill has studied graphic design, and both are now living in beautiful Sydney. Reconnecting over dinner, they realised their combined skill-sets could turn this idea into a reality.
This labour of love has taken another three years, a fourth baby for Leslie and Jill starting her own marketing business. The passion for this business hasn’t waivered, and they are thrilled to finally be launching Proud Baby, a business that provides special baby gifts to help parents look after their newborns while also letting them share a bit of their heritage with their young ones.
Both ladies are proud of their roots - Leslie hailing from Georgia in the USA, and Jill from Scotland. Now settled in Australia, surrounded by a melting pot of nationalities and diversities, it was the ideal situation and time to create beautiful designs that celebrate the roots, travels and future adventures of a multicultural population of parents and babies.
‘We hope that the launch of Proud Baby in Australia is just the beginning. We are excited to bring our ‘Muslins with Meaning’ to the global
marketplace and look forward to developing new designs to represent more countries and passions as the Proud Baby community grows’